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QTH Allschwil

Allschwil is a community near Basel; about 19'000 inhabitants, the largest in our canton Baselland (BL). About 21% (2009) of the inhabitants are foreigners. We live here in the northwest corner of Switzerland: the frontiers to France and Germany are only a few kilometers away. Mein Locator: JN37sn…

Operator HB9BNK

I became interested in ham-radio, after reading books of the german author Werner W. Diefenbach in 1958. In June 1959, I stumbled across QST and am subscriber since then. Since 1964 I am member of USKA and the USKA Sektion Basel H26 Contest in 2014 - in a shed of a farmhouse …

Käthi (Cathy)

Käthi liked my shack very much; she was very inquisitive; she realized all changes in the shack. And always tried she to find a sleeping place behind some transceiver - hiding for hours and suddenly coming to the front.


in 1995, I created a small intranet-web for my group in the datacenter - mostly technical support stuff. There was no utility - only html-files and a Microsoft-Webserver (IIS). After I had sold the intranet philosophy to management, we got Microsoft-Frontpage. I used Joomla as a modern tool and the…